The new Technical Campus named Anjuman-I-Islam´s Kalsekar Technical Campus at New Panvel (Navi Mumbai) has a clear vision and objective, in the quest for being an outstanding centre for learning and development of human resource, which is conducive to the fast changing national and international situations. It shall adhere to consistent policy to recruit highly qualified faculty members specialized in various domains of Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture and Computer Applications.

The Technical Campus shall be committed to develop as a value and need based quality education provider in India and the state of Maharashtra in particular in multi disciplines and also to provide an integrated learning environment to enable students to grow towards their full potential and meet the high expectations of Industry and Society so as to evolve as a role model campus.

Its ultimate goal is to produce qualified and competent manpower responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international levels.

Our Objectives

1. Continuing education and lifelong learning for faculty, staff and working professionals.

2. Research and Development.

3. Continuous innovation of methods of learning, teaching as well as research and development.

4. Promote Institute-Industry-Government interface.

5. Serve as a center for generation and exchange of ideas among students, teachers, research organizations and the State Govt. so as to promote entrepreneurial culture among students and to assist them through expertise available in the other institutions.

6. Device schemes and methods for effective periodic evaluation of performance of projects, faculties,staff and students, internal evaluation through academic and administration audit committees.

7. Take steps for facilitating appropriate environment in the institutions of education to achieve harmonious relationship among teachers, students and staff.

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