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No List of Instruments and Equipments
1 U V Spectrophotometer
2 Bulk Density Apparatus
3 Humidity Control Oven
4 Liquid Filling Machine
5 Ointment filling machine
6 Collapsible tube crimping machine
7 Capsule filling machine
8 Microscopes
9 Haemocytometer with Micropipettes
10 Sahli’s haemocytometer
11 Sphygmomanometer
12 Stethoscope
13 Permanent

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Slides for various tissues

14 Models for various organs
15 Skeleton and bones
16 Electronic Balance
17 Physical /Chemical Balance
18 Digital pH meter
19 Autoclave
20 Hot air oven
21 Refrigerator
22 Colony counter
23 Zone reader
24 Heating mantle
25 Vacuum pump
26 Distillation unit
27 Distillation unit
28 Analytical Balances for demonstration
29 Digital balance 10mg sensitivity
30 Digital Balance (1mg sensitivity)
31 Suction pumps
32 Muffle Furnace
33 Mechanical Stirrers
34 Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat
35 Vacuum Pump
36 Ostwald’s viscometer
37 Stalagnometer
38 Desiccator
39 Suppository moulds
40 Andreason’s Pipette
41 Colorimeter

Animal house

Herbal garden

First-aid room



IT Centre & Language lab


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