Bonhomie 2015

Bonhomie (pronounced ‘Bo-nu-mi) is a loan French word in English. The name reflects exuberant friendliness with moral character. This is exactly what we exercise in all events in our campus. There are many words reflecting enjoyment in English and Arabic but they all have a negative connotation about enjoyment beyond limits which reflect epicurean nature of humans.

AIKTC has three colleges (Architecture, Pharmacy and Engineering) which collectively arrange Bonhomie (Annual Sports and Cultural Festival), in true sense of the word FRIENDLINESS. This is arranged to trigger a positive energy and enthusiasm among the students, teachers and staff members of our campus. This is celebrated in the last week of January every year. We are extremely enervated because of the heavy academic schedule so we all eagerly wait for this moment to rejuvenate and be ready for the next session.

The Student’s Council members and few designated faculties are responsible to arrange this event. The discipline maintained by the students during this week long fest is really commendable.

EESA powering Contraption 1.0 in Bonhomie 2015


Essay Writing

Mehndi Design


Best Out of Waste



Winners of Bonhomie-2014-15 [ Sports Events ]
Sr.No Event Name Winner Runner Up Winner Runner Up
1 Carrom Khalid Khan (T.E. Civil) Kashif pawle (T.E. Mech.) Sana Shaikh (B.pharm) Roshan Qazi (B.pharm)
2 Chess Faheem Ahmad Shaikh (S.E.civil ) Mohammad Shadhir (3rd year comp.) Pol Amruta (1st yr Pharm) Sneha Shivankar (F.E.Comp)
3 Badminton Khalik qureshi (4th year Arch.) Bakhtawar Demge (2nd year pharma) Gayatri Rajaram (3rd yr Pharm) Neha Tambe ( T.E.Comp)
4 Table Tennis Rizwan amin (F.E. Mech.) Junaid Patel (1st year Arch.) Manali Bhattacharya (2nd yr Arch) Neha Tambe ( T.E.Comp)
5 Tug of War S.Y Architecture B.E Mechanical Saman Shaikh (T.E.Comp) Sajida Shaikh (T.E.EXTC)
6 Relay S.E. Electrical 4th year Architecture
7 Volley Ball B. E. Civil Architecture 4th Year
8 Kabaddi Team Computer Team Civil
9 Football S.E.  Computer B.E. Electrical
10 Cricket (Students) T.E. Mechanical T.E. Civil
11 Cricket (Faculties) Magar sir & Team (Teaching) Husain sir & Team( Non Teaching)
12 Throw ball Neha Tambe (B.E.Comp) Manisha Satamkar (T.E.Elec)
13 Dodge Ball Sana Shaikh (B.pharm) Sajida Shaikh (T.E.EXTC)
14 Box Cricket Siddiqui Bushra (2nd yr Pharm) Sheetal Pawde (S.E.EXTC)
15 KhoKho Shraddha Mumbaikar (T.E.ET) Mahek Khan (Arch 4th yr )
[ Winners ] – Cultural Events
Sr.No Event Name 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Vernacular Speech Fareen Ansari (T.E. EXTC) Ravindra karande (Final year Pharma) Shamshad Ahmed( B E Civil)
2 T-Shirt Painting Pradhya Mahadik (Final year Pharma) Neel Bawda (S Y Arch) juned Shaikh (S Y Arch)
3 Poster Painting Azad Mulla (F Y Arch) Anjum Pasha (S.E. Comp.) Nusrat Fatima (4th year Arch)
4 Best Out of Waste Abu Sufiyan& team (final year pharma) Haider Ali & team (S.E. Electrical) Mehek Khan & team (Arch)
5 Mehendi Reshma Ustad (S.E. EXTC  ) Tarannum Saikh (S. E. Civil) Sawant Kudsia (S Y pharma)
6 Essay Rashmin A.R. Kulabkar (pharmacy) Shehnil Patel  (pharmacy) Mohd. Mistry (B.E. Mechanical)
7 Rangoli Ashlesha Kuthavle (S.E.Mech ) Swapnali Salve (T Y Pharma) Gayatri Tangdi ( T. E. Mech)
8 Photography Mahek Khan (4th yr Arch) Saif Chogle (T.E. Comp) & Shahbaz Shaikh (Engg) Abdul Moaeez ( S.E. Mech)
9 Extempore Adeeb Bake ( B E Mech ) Afroj Shaikh (T Y Pharma) Shifa Shaikh (F Y Arch) &Shehzad Kazi (B E Mech
10 Skit S Y Electrical Final Year Pharmacy B E Mechanical
11 Islamic Quiz Aim Bubere & Aftab (final year Pharm) Noman Ansari & Munaf Dayee (S.E. Comp & Mech) Hanzal khan & Sayeed ur Rahman ( Pharmacy)
12 Hamd-O- Naat sayyed Abu Jafri (S Y Pharam) Ashwini Sivanandan ( T.E. EXTC) Shadab shaikh (S.E. Mech) & Sayyed Imran (S.E.Civil)
13 Qirat Aslam Shaikh (S.E.Electrical) Hanzala Khan Abdul Raquib Khan ( T.E. Mech)
14 Word Search Wasim Mehasania (S.E. Elect.) Uzma Shaikh ( T.,E. Elect.) Deepak Gupta (S.E. Elect.)
15 Debate Rehaal Quraishi& Team (B E Comp.) Sana Bano Shaikh & Team (T.E. EXTC) Ambarin chogle & Team (4th yr Arch.)
16 Quiz Shoeb Khan & Abdul Immad ( B. E. Comp.) Zishan Suhel & Nadeem Khan (4th year Arch.) Mohd Mistry & Shehzad Kazi ( B. E. Mech)
17 Cooking Mahek Khan & Pranjali  (4th yrArch) Afsar & Hanif ( S .E. Elect.) Shabnam & Sheeba ( S.E. Elect.)
18 Role Play Ravindra Karande ( Final year B Pharma) Jitesh vengulkar ( final year B Pharma) Saif Ali Hashmi( 4th yr Pharma)
19 Bouquet Making Junaid momin ( F.E. Comp) Mehak (4th Yr Arch)

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