PO’s, PSO’s, PEO’s & CO’s

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

1. Pharmacy Knowledge: Possess knowledge of the, core, basic, administrative and allied pharmaceutical sciences

2. Planning Abilities: Demonstrate the ability to plan and execute work in appropriate manner reflecting good planning and execution skills.

3. Problem Analysis: Utilize the principles of scientific enquiry, analytical thinking while solving problems and making decisions

4. Modern tool usage: Apply and able to utilize appropriate methods, procedures, resources and modern pharmacy related computing tools.

5. Leadership skills: Demonstrate leadership qualities in the diverse areas of pharmaceutical and health care profession.

6. Professional Identity: Apply the knowledge and skills gained through education to enable recognition in professional field and society

7. Pharmaceutical Ethics: Imbibe ethical practices and moral values in personal and professional endeavors

8. Communication: Document, present, interpret and communicate effectively and scientifically

9. The Pharmacist and Society: Create awareness in the society about effective and safe use of medicines and precautions to be taken in prevention of life threatening diseases

10. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of system, process or components to environment to ensure sustainability without threat to the environment 11. Lifelong learning: Tackle future challenges through lifelong learning

Program Educational Objectives  (PEO’s)

PEO1  Build upon comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences

PEO2 Be significant contributory pharmaceutical professionals in pharmaceutical and allied sectors

PEO3 Emerge/Act as socially responsible & ethically strong professionals

PEO4 Be emotionally intelligent contributory members of societynull

Course outcomes list (CO’s)

List of CO’S Batch 2015-2019- Download

List of CO’S Batch 2016-2020- Download

                                                                                                                             PO-CO Report 

PO-CO Report 2019-20- Download

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