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Faculty Name Special Achievement / Awards / Scholarship
Dr. Rajendra Magar Award for Excellence in PhD thesis work for the year 2010-2012 for outstanding research contribution in Civil Engineering, from IIT Bombay.Developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software as a part of Ph.D. Thesis, for Koyna Dam as a real-time reservoir inflow Prediction (Practical in Use). Appreciated by Govt. of Maharashtra and certificate has been issued by Executive Engineer, Koyna Dam.
Dr. Prabha Joshi CSIR Senior Research Fellowship 2003 CSIR Junior Research Fellowship 2002
Prof. Fauwaz Parkar Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Use of Statistical Methods on Construction Projects” presented at NCETE, Saboo Siddik, Jan 04-05, 2013


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Name of Project Estadio
Event TechFest 2013
Venue IIT Bombay
Students 1. Shivendra Tiwari
2. Suhail Ahmed
3. Saif Mapari
4. Rahil Khan
Result Appreciated by IITB Faculties and students
Name of Project Earthquake resistant (G+7 ) structural model using Balsa and plywood
Event Techkriti 2K13 (14th – 17th March 2013)
Venue IIT Kanpur
Students 1. Suhail Ahmed
2. Saif Mapari
3. Rahil Khan
4. Khan Yusuf
5. Sheikh Saddam Hussain
Guide Prof. Dhaval Shah
Result Won 3rd Prize
Name of Project Project Inclino
Event TechFest 2K14 (3rd and 5th January 2014)
Venue IIT Bombay
Students – Group 1 1. Rahil Khan
2. Afroz Khan
3. Muhammed Haroon
4. Shabaz Ansari
Result Won 1st Prize
Students – Group 2 1. Sheikh Saddam
2. Suhail Ahmed
3. Mapari saif
4. Wasim Qureshi
Result Won 2nd Prize
Guide Prof. Dhaval Shah, Prof. Shafi Mujawar, rof Dada Patil Prof. Junaid Maste.
Name of Project Bridge design model making and Testing
Event Techkriti 2K14 (6th – 10th March 2014)
Venue IIT Kanpur
Students – Group 1 1. Asif Khan
2. Vinay Gupta
3. Vipin Gupta
4. Bilal Ahmed.
Result Won 1st Prize
Students – Group 2 1. Ismail Shaikh
2. Raman Kumar Sharma
3. Hrishikesh Zarishwal
4. Anup Sharma
Result Won 4th Prize
Guide Prof. Dhaval Shah, Prof. Shafi Mujawar & Prof. Junaid Maste

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