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Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry deals with chemical applications taking place in various fields of engineering. It mainly includes study of Lubricant, Alloys, Cement, Corrosion, Fuel, Water, Polymers like Ceramic, Plastic or Rubber used for different industrial purposes. Practicals performed in the lab enable students to select appropriate Lubricant, know the composition of different Alloys, quality of Cement, hardness of Water, quality of Coal, synthesis of plastics like Bakelite. Theses studies helps to develop co relation between theory and its application to technology.

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Applied Physics

Applied Physiscs is the domain of physics where students learn the matter-energy relation, cause and effect relationship. It mainly includes study of Crystallography, Semiconductors, Lasers, Optical fibers, Superconductivity, Quantum Mechanics and Nanotechnology. At the first year of engineering, students come to know how various phenomena in physics are helping technology to develop e.g. X-Ray Diffractometry, Semiconducting devices, Dielectric and Magnetic materials, Interference & Diffraction techniques, Laser sources, Superconducting magnets and many more.

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Communication Skills

Engineering graduates lack the skill of expressing their technical expertise. To solve this problem we state of the art Communication Skills Lab for their all round development in terms of verbal and non-verbal skills. The lab is loaded with excellent software for the students to have hands-on experience to hon these skills.

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Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Energy is the drive of every activity in our life, either spiritual or mundane.
It is obligatory for all engineers to know the basics of energy (electricity) so that they become the efficient handler of all the devices that work with electricity. We have a well equipped BEE lab for all first year engineering (F.E.) students to get hands on experience.

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Engineering Mechanics

Mechanics is a branch of physical sciences that is concerned with the state of rest or motion of bodies that are subjected to the action of forces. Within the theoretical sciences, mechanics is useful in formulating new ideas and theories, discovering and interpreting phenomena, and developing experimental and computational tools.Practicals performed in the lab bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology.

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Basic Workshop Practice – I & II

Laypeople depend on technicians or experts even for their daily erands or simple and easy tasks like carpentry or making some simple tools. Engineers must be different than others.We train our F.E. Students at our decorous and well designed workshop to accouter them with these skills.

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