Blood donation camp

Blood donation camp was organized by AIKTC SoP, New Panvel. The Camp was inaugurated by Honourable Chairman Mr Burhan Harris, Director AIKTC Dr Abdul Razzak Honnutagi, Dr Shariq Syed Dean AIKTC SoP. In this camp overwhelming number of volunteers of School of Pharmacy along with students from entire campus has participated with vivacity. (04) Volunteers […]

World Pharmacists Day 2018

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council several year ago at the FIP congress in Istanbul, 25 September marks the annual World Pharmacists Day. Objective behind these celebrations are to promote and advocate the role of the pharmacist in improving health in the every corner of the world. FIP encourages the world’s pharmacists to use this day […]

Expert session on Use of Zebrafish In pre-clinical Research

The zebrafish is a popular aquarium fish, yet it is also an important vertebrate model organism in scientific research for studying developmental processes and human diseases. Since it is novel animal model it is not a part of final year curriculum. So inorder to enhance students learning on zebrafish in preclinical research session is being […]

Career Guidance-”Pharmaceutical Indurstrial opportunities- After B.Pharmacy”

Career guidance program was arranged for students wherein awareness was created about what are the opportunities available for B.Pharmacy students and how it will help them to mold their career. The resource person was Mrs Dr. Rajashri Survase-Ojha; a senior RA professional, GMP consultant and Auditor and has over 26+ years of very versatile experience […]

One day industrial visit to Maneesh Pharmaceuticals

The industrial visit gave insight of technical aspects and also enabled students to develop sound knowledge of the automation and working phenomenon of the instruments involved in production and manufacturing

Hospital visit for T.Y.B.Pharm students

In order to understand roles and responsibilty of hospital pharmacist college has organized visit to Saifee hospital, which is one of the top most corporate hospital in Mumbai. By visiting this hospital the students got insights of working of different departments in the hospital like central sterile services department, nursing department etc.

Oral and Poster presentation by T.Y.B.Pharm students at Avishkar 2017 inter-university Mumbai region 13-12-2017

Students will be able to communicate effectively with the pharmacy community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective presentations and documentation, and give and receive clear instructions.

Expert session on use of zebra fish in pre-clinical research followed by workshop on blood withdrawal and liver isolation from zebra fish 14-10-2017

CBSGS Sem VII syllabus of university of Mumbai do not have recent updated information regarding use of zebra fish as an innovative animal model for preclinical study. So present expert session will bridge this gap by providing content beyond the syllabus on use of zebra fish for pre-clinical reserch.

World Pharmacist Day 2017 celebration 29-09-2017

Students with the help of out side experts created awareness and patient counselling related to eye, dental and cardiovascular disorders. Awareness was created among the students on safe use of social media. Students got trained in first aid and also they have intaeracted with alumini. In addition, students have advocated the role of the pharmacist […]